Veggie Bouquet!

Small $32   Regular $52  Large $72

Chocolate Berries

$22 a dozen 

Available everyday

$30 minimum order for Delivery.  Delivery Minimum may be higher on holidays.  Delivery available to Grove City $5.  Slippery Rock, Mercer, and Harrisville starting at $10 .Surrounding locations are available at additional charge.  Since we deliver we may not be at the shop when you stop in!. 10% gratuity on same day service.

Local Delivery

Quality, Pricing & Security Statement:

Family owned & operated since 2014! 

We offer pre order edible food arrangements for pick or delivery 

Shop & compare!  Up to 50% less than our competitors!

New! Pecan Bacon 

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Small $59

Small Baseball


Apple Pie apple slices $15 a dozen

Chocolate dipped pineapple Heart $25 Dozen

Small Easter Bunny


Healthy Snacks

Small $37


Gourmet Chocolate caramel apples!

Love Berry Dip $49

added pineapple Heart

Small Bottle


Small Bottle


small Fishy $59

Berry Dip Bouquet!

#1 Best Seller

Pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, oranges, grapes, plain strawberries and chocolate dipped strawberries

Small $45               Regular $65           Large $85

Edible Treats

Butterfly Bouquet!

Pineapple flowers with chocolate dipped pineapple butterfly shapes, oranges, grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew and chocolate dipped strawberries! Only 2 sizes.

Single $35  Regular $68

Small Berry Dip


SRU deliveries go everyday!  Deliveries to on campus students go the mail room where the item is put in the fridge and your student is notified by email that they have a perishable delivery.  Off campus student deliveries in most cases go the office of the apartment complex and they notify the student. Most off campus have fridge access. Same day service not available.  

Classic Fruit!  (No Chocolate)

​Pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe,oranges,grapes and strawberries!

Small $37   Regular $57      Large $77

Regular Berry Dip



Apple Pie ~ Turtle ~ M&M ~ Oreo ~ S'more

Rocky Road ~ Sprinkle ~ Coconut Almond

Reese's ~ Peanut Butter Pretzel ~ Pretzel 

Peanut Butter Meltaway ~ Toffee ~ Peanut

Snickers ~ Plain ~ Kit Kat

In order for us to provide you the freshest quality bouquet at the best price, we do not have ready made bouquets except near a holiday, online ordering or long store hours because it drives up the cost to you.  You can call in an order anytime or message us on facebook.  We are available by appointment any time which cuts the cost to you by 30% to 50%!  We cut and arrange bouquets immediately! Some bouquets and dipped berries can ready same day and in as little as 20 minutes based on how busy we are however there is 10% gratuity on same day service.  

Chocolate Dipped Bouquet!

(These are not cookies!  Its chocolate dipped pineapple!)

​Chocolate dipped pineapple shape of your choice, chocolate dipped apples and chocolate dipped strawberries along with oranges, honeydew, cantaloupe,grapes and plain strawberries!

(All Small pictures below have the same amount of fruit just depends on the camera view.)

(These are not professional pictures)

Single $35 (no apples)           Small $59              Regular $79             Large $96

Single Chocolate dip $35

13 Berry Bouquet $32

13 chocolate dipped strawberries in a

mug or pail!

Get a birthday mug!


108 S Broad St Grove City, PA 16127.

Small Football


7 berry Bouquet $19

7 chocolate dipped 

strawberries in a mug

Regular $79

$8 each      Gift basket of 4 $39

Deli Bouquet!

Pepperoni, salami, beef sticks, summer sausage, 4 kinds of cheese, olives, pickles, tomatoes and pepperchini! Comes with crackers and mustard!

                             Small $ 45                    Large $65

Small Birthday $59

We take orders anytime on Facebook or

Google Messenger

Gift Certificates available

Credit Cards Excepted

Spring Berry Dip


Please scroll down and view page in desktop to match up picture and prices!!

How to place an order: 2 ways

1. Call 724-458-5768 anytime of day and leave a message.  In the message include your name, phone, item you would like to order, when it needs picked up or delivered. We will call you back as soon as we can based on when you need the order.

2. Send us a message through Facebook and include the same information as listed as above.

Why can't I just order online and be done?

The logistics of orders can not be easily determined by a computer scheduling system.

I don't want to take in too many orders or not enough.

Prices subject to change at any time.