Edible Treats

Healthy Snacks

Pineapple Pop $3.

Chocolate dipped Pineapple Mini flowers      1dz  $15

"Apple Pie" Apple Slices                       14 in a box $12

Fresh chocolate Raspberries                     1dz $20

(all in white window box)


108 S Broad St Grove City, PA 16127.

Fathers Day Basket

of apples for $28!

Chocolate Caramel Apple $7


~Toffee ~ Chco Chip ~ Peanut ~ Coconut Almond~ Spinkles ~ Stripes ~Peppermint ~  S'mores ~ Reese ~ ~Peanut Butter ~Apple Pie~Turtle~ M&M~Rocky Road~ Iced Mocha~ ~Butterfinger~ Peanut Butter Pretzel~

Chocolate Dip

Pineapple shapes, berries and

apples dipped in chocolate

Small                        $45

  Regular (pictured)    $65  

     Large                        $85


Pineapple shapes: Hearts, stars, peace doves, smiley faces, baby bottles, holidays and many more!  

Berry Dip:

Berries dipped in chocolate

Small (pictured)   $34

Regular                 $54

Large                    $76


Small (pictured)   $29

Regular                $49

Large                    $69

Dad's Day Deli Bouquet

4 meats, 4 cheeses, olives, pickles, pepperochini, and tomatoes!

  Crackers and mustard included!

Deli Bouquet Large $58

(Small $36 not pictured)

Small Butterfly $28

Large $58

 Happy Birthday Bouquet!

Dipped Pineapple Cupcakes!

Small(pic) $45  Reg $65 Lrg $85

Theme any bouquet, box of fruit or caramel apple for birthday!

 Small Berry Bouquet  $18!

Mugs and tins for every occasion are available!!


Small                   $25

Regular (pictured)    $43

Large                 $64

Family owned and operated since 2014!

We offer made to order edible food arrangements &  more at affordable prices!

Father's Day Berries $25

Gift Certificates available

Credit Cards Excepted

In order for us to provide you the freshest quality bouquet at the best price, we do not offer cash and carry bouquets, online ordering or long store hours because it drives up the cost to you.  You can call in an order anytime or message us on facebook.  We are available by appointment any time after normal hours which cuts the cost to you by 30% to 50%!  We cut and arrange bouquets immediately!

free counters

All Bouquets & Baked goods are made fresh on location!

Phone orders preferred due to deliveries!

Our phone answers 24/7 to place orders or private message us on facebook! 

We call back at a good time for you to confirm your order!!

 Based on availability, some Bouquets can be ready in about an hour!

We book up early on holidays! Sorry, no ready made bouquets in the store to see!  Same day service is not always available so it is best to call ahead!


Delivery available to Grove City ($5), Slippery Rock, Mercer, and Harrisville ($7) .Surrounding locations are available at additional charge.  Since we deliver we may not be at the shop when you stop in!.

Local Delivery

Quality, Pricing & Security Statement:

Classic  Dipped Strawberries!

  1/2 dz. in white non window box. $10

1 dz  in a white window box          $20